Francis Barely Able to Walk (Video)

It was with greatest difficulties that Francis walked the short distance from the Popemobile to the stage for the June 8 General Audience. He used a …
Paus Franciscus kan beter in een rolstoel.
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But he never goes away
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Yes, but I ask God's help for his Church.
Walking is not the main problem, his mouth is.
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And his person
He needs a good dose of Tradition!
Hound of Heaven
Last time I looked, mobility issues were not something which would prevent anyone from becoming or remaining pope. Barely able to stick to Catholic doctrine and teaching, well, that's another matter.
Tony M
Amazing, where he looks to be so frail & weak, he is able to wreak such havoc & destruction of the Catholic Church with his heresies, blasphemies & idol (Pachamama) worshipping.....and as such with this scandalous behaviour from the Chair of Peter.......lead millions of Catholics all over the planet to the gates of Hell.
Dante Alighieri
Well, it seems he can walk. That would appear to be an improvement over exclusive use of the wheelchair. He must be getting better.
"to counter the bulls__t he’s so full of." @michael newman who also wrote: "But the filth here is the filth and everyone can see the filth for what it is."