Chaos: Vatican’s Top Policeman Must Go

Yesterday, Domenico Giani, 57, the commander of the Vatican Gendarmerie, handed his resignation to Francis, (October 13) writes.

The official announcement was made October 14. During yesterday's canonisations in Saint Peter’s square, Giani was still in service.

His resignation is connected to the October 1 raid the Gendarmerie executed in the Secretary of State which is located in the Apostolic Palace.

However, the Gendarmerie is not allowed to enter this Palace which is under the jurisdiction of the Swiss Guard.

In the background of this raid is a fight between the Vatican Bank and the Vatican Secretary of State. By executing the raid, Giani sided with the bank thus drawing upon himself the anger of the powerful Secretary of State.

It is expected that the Vatican will provide Giani with an “honorable way out,” after twenty years of service.

Ludwig Ring-Eifel (editor-in-chief of KNA, German bishops' agency), "Giani was a real tough guy. He could handle potentially dangerous madmen (and -women) as well as ordinary people longing for the pope’s touch. Will be hard for the #Vatican to find anyone like him for this extremely demanding job."
Who called for his head? Parolin? Becciu?
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Vatican police commander Domenico Giani has resigned after suspension of 5 Vatican officials whose names were circulated internally, then published in the media. Vatican says Giani bears "no personal responsibility" for events but resigned for love of Church, faithfulness to Pope
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Domenico Giani, resigns as Commander of the Vatican Gendarmerie, after leaked letter where he showed concerns of the consequences of certain administrative limitations imposed upon Holy See staff members
He was responsible for the brutal dismissal in 2017 of the Vatican's Auditor General Libero Milone. Milone was dismissed because he was accused by Card. Becciu of spying on him (ie, investigating him as was the Auditor's job). A few days ago Cardinal Becciu was dismissed and he is under investigation for financial irregularities.
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Vindictive francis in action..
St Michael the Archangel defend us in battle
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