Why Was Sister Inés Decapitated and Cut in Pieces?

The area where Spanish born Sister Inés Nieves Sancho, 77, was decapitated and her body cut in pieces on May 20, was “relatively calm”, Bangassou Auxiliary Bishop Jesús Ruiz Molina, Central African Republic, told the media.

Ruiz does not exclude that Sister Inés became the victim of a satanic rite "which abound in the region." Locals believe that her murder was part of a human sacrifice to attract good luck in the search for diamonds.

Organs of white people are considered to be especially “efficient”. Local hairdressers are instructed to collect white people’s hair which later is used for satanic practices.

Sister was forced out of bed by strangers who entered her room at night and led her to her sewing room, where she was stabbed to death. Nothing was stolen.

Originally from Burgos, Spain, Sister belonged to the French congregation of the Daughters of Jesus of Massac. She had been in Africa for 27 years where she taught sewing to young girls.

Eternal rest grant unto her Oh Lord!
This nun entered into heaven before, this news was posted...she is very fortunate to have skipped purgatory....
evil working