What a guy (Becciu): “..has ruined his chances of becoming pope”

Vatican cardinal says ouster deprived him of possible papacy

ROME (AP) — The Vatican cardinal sacked by Pope Francis amid a corruption investigation is suing an Italian news magazine, claiming that his …
It's gonna be Tagle and oh, the craziness that's sure to follow. :D
Dr Bobus
That Bergoglio is pope is the reason why Becciu or Parolin will not be.
If Bergoglio can become Pope no reason why Beccui can’t?
De Profundis
(from twitter) "Cardinal Becciu, who had anticipated being named Pope Croseus I at the next Conclave, will sue Bergoglio for removing him from the ranks of the College. His legal fees will be paid by a Sicilian-owned charity based in the Cayman Islands which specialises in indigent Cardinals."