Francis Denies Having Cancer

"My doctors haven't told me anything about it," Francis told Philip Pullella (, 4 July), when asked about a possible cancer. In response …
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Francis: Nancy Pelosi may receive Communion
michael newman
Misleading headline. Francis doesn’t say Nancy Pelosi can receive communion. Don’t spread fake news
He is certainly turning Catholics, and potential Catholics away from the Church by his behavior. 😭
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Jeffrey Ade
It is obvious he has cancer of the True Faith!
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Francis on overturning Roe v Wade: He respected the decision but did not have enough information to speak about it from a juridical point of view
michael newman
Terrible. Is that all he has to say? Now take that in context … meeting one of THE most pro abortion politicians who claim to be Catholic, having a smiling photo op with her, allowing her to have communion at St Peter’s despite her own Bishop asking her not to for her own good.
Tony Smith
He also denies having the faith.
Actually, he COULD say more, and speak clearly, except he CHOOSES not to.
Jeffrey Ade
He is what he is, isn't he!
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Francis on bishops barring politicians from communion: “when the Church loses its pastoral nature, when a bishop loses his pastoral nature, it causes a political problem”
Politics before the salvation of a soul? Shame on Pope Francis. Shame.
He tested negative for Catholicism again today.
michael newman
Ha ha ha that’s gold…. Well done !
Jeffrey Ade
I like you!
michael newman
Quite Frank ly who cares what he thinks about Roe V Wade (or anything else for that matter?)
michael newman
Not purports, but IS the vicar of Christ. We have a terrible Pope, and that is beyond any doubt. However if you pulled a single hair out each time this duffer opens his big mouth to spew out some garbage or quasi heresy, then you’d soon be bald. Accept he’s bad, then your expectations will be met. Ignore everything he says…
Jeffrey Ade
But is is a sad state to have finally arrived at the epiphany that our "Pope" is a nothing burger!
Sally Dorman
Francis dismisses reports he plans to resign in near future, saying he is on track to visit Canada this month and hopes to go to Moscow and Kyiv after that. Denies he has cancer: Read here: EXCLUSIVE Pope Francis denies he is planning to resign soon
Wilma Lopez
Notice what he denounces as perversion - Francis on the Solemnity of Sts. Peter and Paul: “A priest who exhibits clericalist behaviour has chosen the wrong path. Worse still are lay people who are clerical, let us be aware of the perversion of clericalism”
Jeffrey Ade
I have never really liked clericalism either but when the chips are down the pendulum swings!