If Cardinal Sarah Had Seen Vigano’s Name "He Would Have Refused Immediately”

The U.S. theologian Peter Kwasniewski published November 1 “From Benedict's Peace to Francis's War: Catholics Respond to the Motu Proprio Traditionis Custodes” - a book including 70 texts from 45 authors of which five are cardinals (Sarah, Müller, Burke, Brandmüller, Zen) and five 5 bishops.

The texts were published elsewhere and compiled for the book. Cardinal Robert Sarah agreed that his August 13 Le Figaro interview would be part of it.

However, a source “very close” to Sarah [= Sarah himself] told I.Media (November 3) that Sarah would have refused immediately if he had known that the book also contained a contribution by Archbishop Viganó. Further, Sarah was "very distressed" when he saw the "bellicose" title and nature of the publication.

He now complains that his words were “instrumentalised” by a “politicised group” with which he is “in total disagreement.” It would be nice, if Sarah would also find such harsh words when dealing with the Church's enemies.

Hound of Heaven
Poor Cardinal Sarah either someone doesn't want to share a book with him, or he doesn't want to share a book with someone else. Play nice.
Sarah seems hot and cold. He needs to explain his reasoning. Some play both sides and I'm not sure where he is at. It seems in the last few years that he has said many good things and then he surprises you with a comment that seems to contradict who you thought he was ??????
atreverse pensar
Viganò is better than you are.
la verdad prevalece
Pope Benedict XVI denounced the intolerance of the so-called tolerant who always have a group to persecute. In this case, the Bergoglian are extremists who persecute the Catholic faithful, that is, they persecute the Catholic Church.
la verdad prevalece
The malicious phrase who am I to judge by Bergoglio only applies to justify homosexual priests who are obscene in their vice. At the same time that Jorge Bergoglio judges the priests who are faithful to the Catholic Tradition Mass to worship God. Bergoglio acts as a corrupt judge who refuses to judge the delinquent and instead judges God's own law.
la verdad prevalece
Remember Sarah that Rome does not pay traitors.
De Profundis
Cut short, Prof. Kawasaki has listed in a new book whatever a disparate group of people has said about TC, from Vigano to Sarah. The latter has gone mental to have been featured in a book containing the former.
H.E. is right - the book looks tendentious. I'm starting fundraising for a really unbiased holistic book: Make Shalom Not War: Everybody Responds to Traditionis Custodes and Everything Else. From Abe Foxman * to Father Z.

*) "Thank you Pope Francis for restricting the Latin Mass that was insulting to Jews. Words matter when it comes to prejewdice."
la verdad prevalece
The Jews to be saved need to be converted. To accuse the Catholic Church of insulting the Jews for praying for their conversion, for wanting their salvation is to attack Jesus Christ Himself.
la verdad prevalece
1 Corinthians 16:22
If any man love not our Lord Jesus Christ, let him be anathema, maranatha.
One more comment from la verdad prevalece
la verdad prevalece
Saint John Chrysostom

The Jews when be forgiven neither by circumcision nor by other deeds, but only by Baptism

John 14:6 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.
That isn't how "apostasy" works @Knights4Christ Protip: he's Pope Francis, now, too.
Those rigid people. Unable to adhere to mutual enrichment in inclusive diversity.
Anyhow no tenderness from Francis for any of them.
That's integral humanism.