He won't resign , the Church hasn't been thoroughly destroyed yet.
The Vatican is facing a paradigm shift or a change of function - it will either be the seat of a true pope or the home of retired popes ...
atreverse pensar
I'm still waiting. "in a few hours". This is where the seriousness of information of this kind lies.
You will never know these things in advance.
He cannot resign, task has not completed.
No such luck!
atreverse pensar
The good thing about news like this is that we can check it in a matter of two days.
We could have a film for the two retired squabbling V2 Popes.
Aww... :( Benedict is past the point of squabbling. He's got more immediate spiritual concerns.
The two popes?!
Five if we invite John XXIII, Paul VI, and JP II to the party.
The New Knights Templar
@Father D. Joseph Waugh I hear you, Father. My fears are who follows if it is the truth. You're in my prayers!!
Father D. Joseph Waugh
I don't think we do any worse. We may get lucky and get a Catholic in there.
The New Knights Templar
LOL! Imagine that!!
Verstandig besluit.
Father D. Joseph Waugh
Too good to be true.