Schneider: Let’s Oppose Strongly Moral Chaos and Culture of Death

Bishop Athanasius Schneider has responded to the open letter sent by seven pro-life organizations on the subject of vaccines and ethical medicine.

Nur-Sultan, April 21, 2021

To Presidents Mirco Agerde, Gianfranco Amato, Antonio Brandi, Giorgio Celsi, Francesco Fontana, Giovanni Formicola, and Massimo Viglione

Praised be Jesus Christ!

Dear Sirs,

The moral chaos that now seems to be imposing itself on the world, the drift toward transhumanism that is becoming increasingly explicit, and the culture of death that dominates the legislation of present-day States, must vigorously and resolutely be opposed with the integrity of truth and the unwillingness to compromise on the good.

Hence the need for a new pro-life movement without compromise, without inferiority complexes vis-a-vis the world, and that is never subordinate to the ideologies of modernity. A pro-life movement that courageously and steadfastly affirms the absolute unlawfulness of any attack on innocent human life from conception to natural death.

This new pro-life movement cannot remain silent about that monstrous and global structure of sin that is crying out to God for vengeance: the routine use by pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries of human cell lines from aborted embryos and fetuses.

The exploitation of human embryos and fetuses as a reservoir of biological material, is an abomination that every reasonable man and woman of good will should oppose by denouncing its perverse and diabolical nature.

I would like to thank you, dear Sirs — Mirco Agerde, Gianfranco Amato, Antonio Brandi, Giorgio Celsi, Francesco Fontana, Giovanni Formicola and Massimo Viglione — for the open letter you addressed to me. I thank the associations you lead: the Queen of Love Marian Movement, the Association of Jurists for Life, the Association Pro Vita & Famiglia, the Association Ora et labora in defense of life, the Association Iustitia in Veritate, the Benedict Option Community, and the Confederation of Triarii. I thank you for your commitment to building that new pro-life movement in Italy which is so sorely needed. I also thank the letter’s signatories: doctors, jurists, and men of culture and science.

I hope that your noble and courageous initiative in Italy may inspire similar initiatives in other countries.

I invoke the Divine blessing on all those who support this initiative.

+ Athanasius Schneider
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