Gaystapo: Vatican DOESN'T Block Bill Suppressing Free Speech

The half-hearted Vatican intervention has “in no way asked to block” the oppressive Zan Italian law, Vatican Secretary of State Parolin told VaticanNews.va (June 25).

The Gaystapo Zan law, named after the neo-Communist Italian MP Alessandro Zan, seeks to shield homosex propaganda from being debunked.

Parolin justified himself by saying that the Vatican’s note sent to the Italian ambassador to the Holy See was “an internal document” which was allegedly leaked. “We are against any attitude or gesture of intolerance or hatred towards people because of their sexual orientation,” he protested.

The cowardly prelate only noted that the bill’s concept of discrimination is “too vague,” and risks “making any possible distinction between man and woman punishable, with consequences that can prove to be paradoxical and which in our opinion should be avoided as long as there is time.”

Parolin says that in the area of criminal relevance it must be well determined what is allowed and what is forbidden - however that is the point of Gaystapo laws: to intimidate the people by creating grey zones and legal insecurity.


As expected since parolin is head of lavanda mafia. Recently he has added night night baby tobin cupish and mcenroy to the vayican.