"You Would Have No Power Over Me If It Were Not Given to You From the Media" (cf. John 19,11)

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"as a formally excommunicated heretic priest"... Repeating a lie every day doesn't make it true Thors Catholic Hammer Cardinal Burke disagrees, btw.…/burke-francis-n…

Since you yourself admit that Cardinal Zen recognizes Pope Francis (regardless of your own disrespectful and false description) that's TWO conservative Cardinals who contradict your rot.
Thors Catholic Hammer
The only “power” that antipope francis has is that given him by deceived Catholics.
In reality , as a formally excommunicated heretic priest he has no power either spiritual or temporal.
Ok Ok its clear:
You are pointing all features from JMB that go right against the being of Christ and what Jesus Christ stands for.
So even when you can't see that this JMB does nothing clearly wrong.
This is the or an antichrist.