Mexico: Francis Drops Another Brick

In February 2015, the Secretariat of State told the ambassador of Mexico to the Holy See that by using the phrase "avoid mexicanisation," Francis didn’t intend to insult the Mexicans or to belittle the government’s efforts to combat drug trafficking.

The Mexican government had expressed disappointment over Francis’ use of words in a private email to an Argentinean friend committed to the fight against drugs.

However, Francis relapsed on May 7, when he addressed the all-male participants in the General Chapter of the Mercedarians saying, “Dear brothers and sisters. Is there any? no? Pure Machismo, Mexican style!”

Picture: Vatican Media, #newsYumpujqbyj

Paus Franciscus is een kampioen in andere mensen te beledigingen.
No surprise from the Argentine Francis. I taught ESL to Latin Americans and remember well how the South Americans (Colombians, Peruvians, etc.) resented - one may even say disdained - the Mexicans. They especially hated when U. S. citizens equated all Hispanic food with tacos & burritos!