Promoting His Own Errors: Francis Announced "Year Of Amoris Laetitia"

Francis announced at the Holy Family Angelus a Year dedicated to his controversial post-synodal exhortation Amoris laetitia.

This year is supposed "to reflect" on Amoris laetitia and "to deepen" its contents. It will be inaugurated on the Solemnity of Saint Joseph (19 March 2021) and close at the Tenth World Meeting of Families in Rome (June 2022). Amoris laetitia was promulgated on St Joseph 2016.


Servant Of Divine Mercy
The Illumination of Conscience will soon arrive for ALL on earth. God will show us our entire life as He sees it in this frightful encounter. You will know God exists and that the Catholic church is the TRUE church that God established. He will give you a chance to receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Salvation. Heaven is the reward.
Francis' calendar provides 3 months for the Year of Family that is within the Year of St. Joseph.
He may next think of changing BC/AD to BF/AF (starting from his 1st year of papacy)
GTV can only benefit from these reminders, @john333. Some here conveniently forget which Popes advanced Fr. Bergoglio's career.
Is it really his fault the Jesuits been getting away heresy for decades
from John Courtney Murray, to Martini
Pope Paul VI and JPII did nothing to rein them in JPII made Martini a Cardinal and Frances a Bishop
Hugh N. Cry
I thought this was the year of St. Joseph. Francis, please just go away.
Tony M
The brazen audacity of Bergoglio in rubbing our faces in his heresies.....takes my breath away.
As does the meek silence of the vast majority of hierarchy who let him get away with these errors he announces to the world free!! In this case with Amoris error that sanctions sacrilege......the silence of the bishops is awesome!!!