A "Mitre": Francis Presents New Feathered Head-Dress (Video)

Francis received June 20 Brazilian bishops from the North and Northwest Amazonian region for their Ad Limina visit (Roraima, Acre, Rondônia).

As a gift, the bishops brought a folkloric headdress made of feathers, VaticanNews.va reports on their Portuguese Twitter.com account.

“Is this a miter?” - Francis joked putting it on and smiling for the press pictures. Likely he was referring to the miter of his new neo-pagan Pachamama papacy.


Kunst und die schönen Dinge
Wilma Lopez
Maybe he’ll wear it for the Synod opening Mass?
Tony M
Wilma....most Catholics are so conditioned to his abominable behaviour now .....they would not blink an eyelid if he did that.
Sancte Teotónio
This also shows the state of the brazilian bishops, who think this is funny. A bunch of liberation theology bros.
Tony M
How can a pagan idol worshipper.....heretic.....and blasphemer.....be a valid Pope????
1+1 does not equal 3!!!!
Alex A
Depends on whether you are counting in 'Francs' or not. 😉
la verdad prevalece
Bergoglio is replacing the Catholic clergy with an apostate clergy that worships the devil: Indigenous Salesian priest practices paganism https://www.gloria.tv/post/g6BUUq3shSHE1G9G6ff6MsAgW
la verdad prevalece
"A priest is a blasphemer and a cheat if he exercises his Order unworthily, and thus he sins mortally: and in like manner any other person in Orders." (St. Thomas Aquinas, Doctor of the Church)
la verdad prevalece
An army officer wouldn't dare go that far and dishonor his uniform. But what is expected of a heretic who from Argentina persecuted the faithful Catholic priests who wore cassocks. RORATE CÆLI: The Horror!A Buenos Aires journalist describes Bergoglio (rorate-caeli.blogspot.com)
One more comment from la verdad prevalece
la verdad prevalece
Bergoglio disguised as Pope continually mocks the Papacy instituted by Jesus Christ.