These modern gnostics always manage to show their linage from Joachim de Fiore...
Ivan Tomas
Oh yeah, we know what he means with this. This is an uber-heresy, said in usually demagogic way by uber-heretic berGOGlio.
comfort ye
As a child, I remember reading that there was nothing new under the sun, and it gave me the greatest comfort. One thing it is to be continually renewed in our spirit, but to abandon the repetition of eternal truth is to open the door to anarchy, deformation.
Great, that has been my life too
Eugene M
The fact that Pope Benedict XVI is still around gives me a deep spiritual comfort
Still making a mess, as he promised long ago.
Alex A
The wisdom of our Pope. It beggars belief.
Dr Bobus
Post Modernism
"Imagination", "abandoning the logic of repetition" "always new". Oh yeah, this is what Modernism sounds like.