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Wichita Knight
The intent of the abortion was not to get at the cell line. And if the cell line was taken in the 1970s I find it hard to accept the notion that one can collaborate in a crime done before one was born.

I consider receiving the vaccine analogous to an organ donation from someone killed in store hold-up or from domestic violence. The crime is regrettable, but it should not prevent something good.
Cuthbert Mayne
I think you are correct
Consider receiving the vaccine analogous to the organ "donation" from someone killed by euthanasia forced by doctors.
PS I've always thought that the word donation implies a prior consent of the donator.
Liam Ronan
Would you be complicit if you were enriched in virtue of having been given the gold teeth of victims of the Nazi ovens since they were murdered before you were born? "Quid est veritas?" Look up the legal definition of
FYI the cell line must be 'refreshed' periodically.......... so it is not just at the beginning of the cell line, the abortion crime continues as the line continues. Check LiveSite News interview with Pamela Acker; the information about the abortion connection with the NRDA vaccines is horrific
Joan Piasio
Wichita Knight. I thought similar to you until I listened to the above interview with Pamela Ackerman who explained how it worked and the continued experimentation as well as the new lines needed. This vaccine is using the 239th aborted baby kidney cell lines if I remember correctly. It’s quite horrific what’s going on
Actually A Catholic
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Cuthbert Mayne
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