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Nobel Prize Winner: Francis Will Be a Fleeting Experience

Francis is a "Peronist" who "favours the extreme left,” Mario Vargas Llosa, the Peruvian 2010 Nobel Prize in Literature winner, told (November 17).

He added that many think this way about Francis. Llosa observes that the Church doesn't have any longer the influence she once had. Therefore, “I do not believe that this Pope will have much influence.”

For Llosa "the experience of a Peronist Pope will be fleeting, and after that, the Church will recover its true conservative tradition.”

Picture: Mario Vargas Llosa, © Arild Vågen, CC BY-SA, #newsPkmwqszfxs

Carthusian Silence
One characteristic of Peronist polititians is that they love telling anecdotes in their speeches. In this, Francis is very Peronist. Examples here