ANNIVERSARY MASS OF REMINDER TO GOD FROM DOCTOR XAVIER DOR with voice and subtitle english and transcription. SATURDAY OF THE FIFTH WEEK of LENT (C), Father Guy Pagès www.islam-et-verite.com…More
ANNIVERSARY MASS OF REMINDER TO GOD FROM DOCTOR XAVIER DOR with voice and subtitle english and transcription.

Father Guy Pagès


Father Guy Pagès: The Lord be with you.

- (and with your spirit.)

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- Father Guy Pagès: Gospel of Jesus-Christ according to Saint John.

- (Glory to You Lord.)

- Father Guy Pagès: During that time, when Lazarus had risen from tomb, many of Jews who had come

with Mary, and had therefore seen what Jesus had done, believed in Him. But some went to find

the Pharisees to tell them what that He had done.The high priests and the pharisees gathered then

the supreme council and said: "What are we going to do? This man accomplishes a large number

of signs, if we let doing Him, all people will believe in Him and romans will come to destroy

our holy place and our nation." So, one of them, Caiaphas, who was high priest that year said

to them: You don't understand anything about it, you not see what is your interest?

It's better than one man dies for the people and that the whole of the nation does not perish.

What he said there did not come from himself but being high priest that year, he prophesied

that Jesus was going to die for the nation, and not only for the nation but to gather in unity

the scattered children of God. From that day, they decided so of killing Him. This is why Jesus

no more moved freely among the Jews. He left for the region near of desert in the city of

Ephraim where He stayed with His disciples. Thus, jewish's easter was near and many went from

the countryside at Jerusalem to be purified before the easter, and they were looking for Jesus.

In the temple, they said to each other: What do you think of it? He won't come certainly not

at the party. The high priests and the pharisees had indeed given of orders: Whoever knew

where He was, had to denounce him for that we can stop Him. Acclaim the Word of God,

- (praise to you Lord Jesus.)

- Father Guy Pagès: Dear brothers and sisters, dear friends, I thank you for being here this morning,

and in particular Sir Jack Bay, who is at origin of this initiative, continuing with an equal

and steadfast determination the work of founder of Sos-Tout-Petits. Here we are gathered to offer

to God the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus-Christ for our friend Xavier Dor, who may be doesn't need

of that to go at Heaven. In a such case, this Mass will serve to increase his joy, in allowing

him to offer to God, in his name, and by us, the most beautiful testimony of love who be:

the Sacrifice of God became man. And we will further increase his joy by offering ourselves,

members of Body of Christ,"by Him, with Him and in Him", for the intentions of Dr. Dor,

and therefore of the pro-life fight. As surprising as it may seem first of all, the pro-life fight,

for the Doctor Dor, did not consist principally to defend the life, but the faith,

like he said it in a interview with Martial Bild in a program on TV Libertés, and the knowledge

of God seemed to him the best protection of unborn children. As an embryologist, he had been able

to contemplate, and worship, the love of God the almighty Father, Creator of toddlers human being...

and he took from this source of wonder the reason of his love for them, reason who led the Redeemer

to give them to us as a model, thus to become like Him, and deserve then to share His glory in

Paradise. Toddler love is so imperative, than of how we will have treated the toddlers,

will depend our judgement… It that you have done to the little ones it is to Me than you did it.

It that you don't have done to the little ones, at me too you have not done it. (Mt 25.40) »

Thus, after having contemplated the work from Father, discovered the humility of Son, Xavier Dor

offered himself to the Holy Spirit for that He sanctifies him in love and therefore the defense

of toddlers. He understood that little children can't to have of best defender than the faith

in God. And indeed: without the love of God, how to love, why love your neighbour? If God does not

exist, if there is neither good nor evil, neither therefore of judgment, nor that of Heaven or Hell,

and the worst becomes possible, as acceptable as anything, since everything ends in the grave.

This is why the fight against abortion belongs fundamentally in spiritual warfare that the church

does and which every Christian must therefore take part. Breaking the Fifth Commandment:

"You will not commit murder", if only by one complicit silence, reaches God, who made man

in His image, died for him on a cross, and donated him His Holy Spirit. It is also an eschatological

battle, because the murder organised, funded, promoted, of toddlers, brings us back in the age

of human sacrifices that had abolished precisely the christian faith. So, yes, the founder of

SOS-Tout-Petits was a faithful doctor to Hippocratic oath which he had sworn to observe as

every doctor worthy of its name must it, but he has wanted to be even more a holy doctor

by registering his action in the faith and the love of the thrice holy God. What led him

to be a prophet too by denouncing the sins of this society became unlivable in proportion to

his hatred of God and of his crimes that it has the cynicism to present like of progress.

But what did more particularly to suffer Xavier Dor were the compromises, silences and

indifferences of clergy for this cause that should all prevent us of sleeping...

“Who is not with Me is against Me (Mt 12:30)” warned Jesus. Not being with Jesus, so it is to be

with the Devil, "the father of lie, who is homicidal from the beginning (Jn 8.44) ».

Today's Gospel shows us the enemies of Jesus seek a good reason to cover the crime that they plan,

and this even though the resurrection of Lazarus gave them an shining proof of His divinity.

Jesus had announced it : "Even if a dead man resurrected,
than they will not be convinced. (Lk 16.31)”

They dare to take Jesus for a rebel, as if Jesus was walking surrounded by men in arms and

preached the revolt against Rome! We know, us too, the false good reasons that the partisans give

each other of abortion to justify their crimes... Yesterday like today, refuse of giving faith

to Jesus transforms in murderer. This further illustrates why Doctor Dor heard, as a pro-life

activist, defending not life in first, but the faith. We see indeed many environmentalists to fight

to save the life of rats or of vipers, but who don't lift a finger to save the lives of

unborn children. How would they still be beings humans, and not of demons?

How the refusal of the faith make you blind, liar and killer. And how not to mention to this

subject the hate, the insults, the trials, the eleven convictions by justice republican than

our dear Doctor had to endure, with the indulgence that characterized him, to have defended

the pure cause of the life of humans being the most weaks and innocents who be?

Any man who burns with desire for the glory of God is indeed exposed, as Jesus, to insults of wicked,

who hate without reason. Jesus has honored His Father by not allowing at His homicidal opponents

to proclaim themselves children of God. Likewise, we denounce the imposture of supporters of

Planning familial pretending to serve the life and the family, then than they are his assassins!

We remind you , following the Dr Dor, that the pill said contraceptive has itself a abortive function,

and than the contraceptive mentality is the first provider children to eliminate after having done

of it of risks to avoid. And it does not just kill these little ones children on the altar of demons

of impurity or of selfishness, but first the soul of their parents and of those who should help them

to take their responsibilities being parents and who don't do it. A difficult question that we

don't have could not ask us is that of eternal fate of these murdered children:

the crime that deprived them of life, does he also deprive them of the beatific vision,

to which every human being is called? The answer that offered the limbo was not maintained

in the magisterium of the last pontificates, who prefers to entrust them to divine mercy.

It seems to me that the answer is found in the fact that God assuming on all the steps

of the human growthas since his conception has thus given to every human being,

whatever his age, to be able to enjoy the vision beatific that has always been hers

since his conception. Thereby, through the desire for baptism that the Church has for every

human being, we can hope that these little humans beings see the glory of God. And we know

there are so few of possible comparison between the life of time and that of eternity

that Jesus invited us to prefer to lose that of time, including on a cross, rather than to risk

losing that of the eternity. Yes, "the Lord changes the mourning in joy ! told us

the Psalm. (Ps 31.12) » The Faith is not only the best bulwark for the more weak and innocents

of us, but she is the pledge of salvation that God announced by the prophet Ezekiel in the first

reading. Also we do not doubt that the action of SOS-Tout-Petits is fruitful in proportion of

the faith of its members. And even if we have the feeling of preaching in the desert,

we will continue to do it, because we know that in Jesus, we are already the big winners:

the life conquered death forever! And since we are on the eve of important elections,

how not remind than the catholics cannot vote for an candidate who transgresses one of principles

no-negotiables of the natural law, as did Emmanuel Macron having voted for the extension

of legal deadline for abortion of 12 at 14 weeks, and wanting to do inscribe the so-called right

to abortion in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, which opens him

a new title of right to excommunication. Dr. Dor often reminded than the angel of toddlers

constantly sees the face of God (Mt 18.10). May he now himself contemplate it,

with all those that he saved and will save again, with our help!