St. Luke’s Gallery Website Is an Eye-Opener

Andrew Dunn, a Philadelphia lay Catholic, has set up the webpage

Its purpose is to share an appreciation of sacred art and encourage visitors to look at art in general, in a new perspective.

“With so much of the world locked down, there are more people than ever spending time on their computers, tablets and smart-phones,” Dunn writes in a press release.

He laments that "much of what’s online is designed to provoke us, scandalise us, and in the case of most social media, dumb us down."

Therefore, St. Luke’s Gallery was created to bring "some positivity" to the faithful with an educational series of presentations, defining sacred art and showing some examples from the Roman and Eastern Catholic perspective.

Until now, five video posts have been created:

• Introduction to Sacred Art;
• The Annunciation
by Henry Ossawa Tanner;
• The Adoration of the Magi by Giorgione;
• St. Joseph with the Infant Jesus by Guido Reni;
• The Icon of Our Lady of Vladimir by unknown.

Dunn writes that a greater focus on the incredible gift of artwork which was produced since the early days of the Church is missing among the many existing Catholic homepages.

He observes that after the Second Vatican Council, the Church in many cases followed a tragic path of abstract modernism in its architecture and artwork.

Therefore, Dunn wants St. Luke’s Gallery to help re-educate the faithful about the importance of good, reverent artwork for personal catechism and meditation.”