Archbishop: Stop Clapping At Mass

Archbishop Socrates Villegas, 59, of Lingayen-Dagupan, Philippines, urged the faithful to abstain from clapping during Mass.

In his Lenten message, Villegas notices that Mass is the memorial of Calvary, “Who would have clapped at Calvary? Would the Blessed Mother and John the Beloved have clapped?”

And, “Who claps while others are in pain?”

Priests should stop encouraging people to clap during their [especially in the Philippines much too long] homilies to keep them awake, Villegas insists.

Picture: © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsCggdokiddu

“It is not fitting that the servant should be applauded in his Master's house.” - St. Pope Pius X
Too late. The flock are addicted to entertainment and whatever else at mass. Take it away and they will leave
An example to follow: St. Pius X asked not to be applauded.
But it's the novus ordo happy clappy let's hold hands and sing kumbaya "mass" where the choir and music is the main attraction and women and laymen give the readings and run the church.
Novella Nurney
Who would have hung rainbow flags, played guitar, sang sappy showtimes, dressed absolutely inappropriately and etc. etc. at Calvary??? The PAGANS & THOSE THAT SEEK TO CRUCIFY OUR LORD ANEW EACH DAY!
(Not only a Lenten) Message for (not only the Filipino) faithful:…/archbishop-in-p…
Tiene razón.
Aplaudir espanta el Espiritu Santo.
Música sacra lo atrae,
Gregoriano lo atrae.
Cuando usted quiere espantar pájaros de tu tierra, que haria?