Did Francis And Benedict Choose The Same Tomb?

Francis mentioned in 2016, that he wants to be buried in the former tomb of John Paul II. Last weekend Benedict XVI said the same.

The sought-after tomb in the crypt of St Peter’s basilica was used for John XXIII (+1963) and then for John Paul II (+2005) but both were transferred into the basilica after their canonisation. In 2016 the tomb was prepared with a new sarcophagus and without inscriptions.

Back then, the former vice-editor of L'Osservatore Romano, Carlo Di Cicco, said that the tomb was prepared for Francis who had asked the Basilica's Cardinal archpriest to prepare that niche for him.

Picture: © A.Currell, CC BY-NC, #newsNkhvqxnfjx

My 2 paternal grandparents share the same tomb with 2 of my great grandparents. They never complained about being uncomfortable.
F M Shyanguya
Except Pope Francis chose that of Pope St John XXIII. And presumptuous of him as he won’t be buried there.