Vaticanista: Unlikely That Cardinal Marx Is Retiring

It is not certain that Francis will accept Munich Cardinal Marx’s offered resignation, John Allen writes on CruxNow.com (June 6).

But if he does, Marx will continue to hold his positions in the Vatican, including serving as chair of the Council for the Economy. Allen considers the anti-Catholic Cardinal as a "core asset" of Francis because Marx has been an early supporter of Francis' anti-Catholic initiatives like Communion for adulterers.

However, Francis might accept Marx's resignation in order not to make the whole thing look like "a political stunt" and because Marx has been traded for several jobs in the Vatican over the years.

One of them is for Allen the Congregation for Bishops, whose prefect tursn 77 on June 8. Marx could oversee for the next decade the appointment of an entire generation of – as Allen puts it - “Francis bishops.” Therefore, despite his "resignation" the "most significant chapter" of Marx' career "may yet be to come.”

Picture: © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsBfycwlxzfe

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