De Profundis
Nobel peace prize winner Dmitry Muratov: “I think our world has stopped loving democracy and has started reaching for dictatorships.”

Nobel winner: ‘We journalists are the defence line between dictatorship and war’

The last time a journalist won a Nobel prize was 1935. The journalist who won it – Carl von Ossietzky – had revealed how Hitler was secretly rearmin…
Sorry De Profundis, but The Guardian is leftist rag, I'd use it as a fire starter at best. Further, I do not know about the Russian here but the Philipino journalist and her paper has as far as I know has close financial support of some Soros fund. That would be a good indicator for me where it stands on important issues. Not that I would advocate having her tossed into jail necessarily.
De Profundis
Live Mike
"We are on the verge of fascism. It’s different this time because it’s being enabled by technology but it’s also happening faster. There is this insidious manipulation happening..." - Maria Ressa
Louis IX
Most journalists are the mouthpieces and propagandists of oligarchs.