The Only Crime: Vatican Sanctions Two Polish Bishops

The Nunciature in Warsaw announced on March 29 that the Vatican sanctioned two retired Polish bishops for an alleged negligence in their handling of homosexual abuse of minors.

The sanctions regard retired Gdánsk Archbishop Sławoj Głódź, 75, and retired Kalisz Bishop Edward Janiak, 68. Their alleged crimes are kept secret, while the punishment is made public. Both must live outside their former dioceses, they are no longer allowed to appear in public, and have to pay an “appropriate sum” to the St. Joseph Foundation, established by the Polish bishops in October 2019 to support alleged abuse victims.

Głódź retired regularly in August 2020. Janiak was removed in June and retired in October 2020.

Being Catholic or being accused of abuse related offences are the only two crimes the Vatican is punishing while prelates who run down their dioceses with heresies, sacrileges, homosexualism, and mismanagement are regularly promoted.

Picture: Sławoj Głódź, Edward Janiak © wikicommons, CC BY-SA, #newsSvhiykwnpf

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