The Son of God also owed it to himself to grant the privilege of the Immaculate Conception to Mary.

Yes, no doubt: his honor was interested; he went there with all his glory: for could he abandon to the devil, even for a moment, the soul of Mary, that holy tabernacle where he was soon to rest as in his sanctuary? and does it not seem that if Satan had dared only to approach him, he had to fall on his head all the wrath of his wrath? He had once been so jealous of the holiness of a material temple that he was to dwell only in figure; and now that he is preparing himself for a new temple, where he will truly dwell, we will believe that he will not defend its honor and purity even more jealously! He would thus neglect his finest work; he would let iniquity penetrate, and would even suffer if the victorious demon entered it first and triumphed with pride! No, no, O Jesus! your mother is pure and spotless! O Mary! you are all beautiful, and your Conception was all innocent: you are that new dawn whose sweet and pure brilliance reflects in a distant brilliance the nascent splendors of the sun of righteousness that rises over the universe; you are that noble stem of Jessé who rises alone with glory from the midst of thorns, because she must germinate Emmanuel; you are that blessed branch of heaven that blooms alone on a parched trunk; you are finally that miraculous tree that rises alone and full of majesty from the midst of a burning immense forest, because it must give the earth the desired offspring, the sublime fruit of glory, precious germ of the ancient hopes of the world.

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Remember, it's a Holy Day of Obligation. That's Mandatory Mass and a day off whether your employer likes it or not.