Argentine Bishops Commiserate with Francis

The Argentinean bishops, gathered for their fall meeting, value the invitation to the Francis Synod as “a permanent dynamic of listening,” they write in a flattering November 9 letter to Francis.

"Permanent dynamic of listening" is the Novus Ordo variant of the marxist "permanent revolution," a strategy of the ruling class to persue its own interests without compromise. It follows the principle: "Plus ça change, plus ça reste la même chose" [the more things change, the more they stay the same].

“We want to be faithful to God and witness him with evangelical love," affirm the bishops who hate Catholics.

They feel pity for Francis, "As so often happens to you, it is not easy to do so in hard times, where everything is interpreted in a biased way and according to views and interests that are alien to us."

The Bishops, who love to hide behind ambiguities, should not be surprised if they become "victims of interpretations".

The letter is signed by the presiding San Isidro Bishop Oscar Ojea, 65, and the general secretary, La Plata Auxiliary Bishop Alberto Bochatey.

Picture: Oscar Ojea © wikicommons, CC BY-SA, #newsTcrtapkgrh

Wilma Lopez
Argentine bishops to Pope Francis: "We want to be faithful to God and witness him with evangelical love. It's not easy when everything is interpreted in a biased way, according to views that are alien to us. We cannot stop making our contribution as a Church, to build the Homeland"
Wulfram Elendur Magladhur
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