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Pressure? Resigned Cardinal Accepts Resignation

Pro-abortion/gay Father Philip Dyer-Perry of Our Lady of the Rosary, Greater London, will not take up his appointment as Pastoral Director at Allen Hall Seminary, Westminster Diocese, England.

Dyer-Perry was appointed by the likeminded Westminster Cardinal Nichols but renounced, allegedly after numerous complaints. However, these complaints were only made by Catholics, and since Modernist prelates never take in account Catholic complaints, the reason for Dyer-Perry's withdrawal must have been another.

Further, the fact that Nichols made such an important nomination although Francis accepted his resignation last year, shows that Nichols' "retirement" was a red herring and window dressing to please the feared media, after Nichols had been associated with some hyped "abuse" case.

Westminster Diocese told (June 22) that Dyer-Perry’s “prayerful discernment” led him to ask the Cardinal for permission to withdraw. Dyer-Perry will continue as a parish priest.


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