Cardinal Hummes Dead

The former prefect of the Clergy Congregation, Cardinal Claudio Hummes, 87, has died on July 4, (July 4) reports.

He was born in a German settlement Montenegro, Rio Grande do Sul, into a German-Brazilian family. He was a leading member of anti-Catholic faction in the Church and owed his career to mainly to Benedict XVI.

Hummes was president of REPAM (2014-2020), the Pan-Amazonian Ecclesial Network that acquired in 2019 the Pachamama statues worshipped in St Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Gardens during the Amazon Synod.

la verdad prevalece
Marxist Liberation Theologian Boff: “Francis is One of Us”
Leonardo Boff: “was the mentor of the closest friend, greatest electoral supporter and most influential Cardinal in the new pontificate, the Brazilian Claudio Hummes, also a Franciscan”.
Sally Dorman shares this
Cardinal Claudio Hummes, former head of Archdiocese Sao Paulo, former prefect of Cong. for Clergy and described by Francis as a good friend who helped inspire him to take the name Francis, has died a month shy of his 88th birthday.
RIP Sweet Jesus mercy on his soul.
Sally Dorman
Cardinal Claudio Hummes, preaching in the catacombs of Domitilla, says the Amazon synod is the “fruit” of the Second Vatican Council
atreverse pensar
A horrible desecration of a holy place, where the first Christians sealed their faith with their blood.
Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
One of the thugs who campaigned for Francis in 2013 conclave. Very bad man, anti-CAtholic, anti-Tradition, anti-Latin MAss.
Novena - Oremus
May he see him face to face now.
Announcement from Cardinal Odilo Pedro Scherer, current Archbishop of São Paulo
Anti-Catholic faction in the Church?
For instance: He led the signing of a new “Pact of the Catacombs” during the Amazon Synod
michael newman
May God have mercy on his soul. (He should be glad I’m not God)