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SSPX - Bischof Williamson Publishes Insider Information

Bishop Richard Williamson, a former member of the Priestly Society of Saint Pius X, has published insider information regarding the July General Chapter of the SSPX in his August 11 weekly commentary.

The chapter elected a new three men SSPX ruling body but then added two «counsellors» onto the Society’s General Council, where major decisions are taken.

The two counsellors are the former superiors general, Bishop Bernard Fellay and Father Franz Schmidberger.

Bishop Williamson writes that at least one participant in the Chapter was reassured that

• the two “Counsellors” will not be living in Society headquarters in Menzingen, Switzerland;

• they will only be advising on questions of setting up or closing Society houses and admitting or expelling Society members;

• creating the “Counsellors” was a clever move of the Chapter because it will help to heal divisions in the Society.

Williamson calls Fellay and Schmidberger the two characters "most in favour of an agreement with Rome that the Society has ever had".

@alex j - yes, but he realized towards the end of his life that Rome needed to be converted back to the Roman Catholic Faith.
alex j
Williamson is still trying to cause dissention amongst both religious and laity members of SSPX. Pride was the first sin of man and it becomes most dangerous to an individual's soul when one's ego has been "hurt". We all should recall to mind that Archbishop Lefebvre was always open to meaningful talks with Rome.
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God bless the brave who uphold Tradition in the Catholic Church.