Francis commot "God Anger," "Penance" from Novus Ordo Pandemic Mass

Francis don approve two liturgy texts on April 1 for coronavirus panic.

The first one na "Mass for Time of Pandemic," the second one na intention wey dem add for this year lockdown Good Friday liturgies. see say dem no put any place for the "wrath of God" and "repentance" for the Pandemic Eucharist.

The opening prayer ask God make im "look people wey dey suffer with pity, make im give dead people rest, make im console people wey dey cry, make im heal the sick, make im give peace to people wey dey die, make im make health care workers strong, make im give leaders wisdom, and make im commot fear from people wey dey reach out with love."

Instead, the Roman Rite "Mass for Deliverance from Death for Time of Pestilence" dey ask God make for im opening prayer make im "commot the beating wey im anger dey bring" and "make im welcome people wey dey come back to am with mercy."

Foto: © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsFonlmtbtnt