Vatican Punishes 97-Year-Old Polish Cardinal

The Vatican sanctioned retired Wrocław Cardinal Henryk Gulbinowicz, 97, Poland, the Warsaw nunciature has announced (November 6).

The measure was taken after a canonical inquiry into hoax accusations, and after having examined "other elements" of his past life.

The note didn't specify any crime. Gulbinowicz is prohibited from participating in any public events, using bishop’s insignia and may not be buried in the cathedral.

He is ordered to donate to the St. Joseph Foundation that was established by the Polish bishops in October 2019 to support alleged abuse victims.

In May 2019, Gulbinowicz was accused by Przemysław Kowalczyk, a homosexual, also known as Karol Chum, of having "abused" him in January 1990. Gulbinowicz protested his innocence.