New Trend: Envelope Communion (Video)

Pax Christi Parish in Eden Prairie, St. Paul and Minneapolis Archdiocese, USA, has handed out Coronavirus-Communion in an envelope after the Eucharist.

The parishioners were told in a video to leave the “worship space” after Mass and to pick up allegedly consecrated hosts which were place on a table in envelopes at the nearest exit.

They were advised to take only one package per person, to go to their vehicles, and to consume the host there. The video doesn't explain what to do with the envelopes, the fingers which have touched the hosts, and the flying-around particles.

According to Wdtprs.com (July 17) the envelope farce was shut down after being exposed on social media.


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Protect us from COV 19
While desecrat the Eucharist to sacrilege
This is pure evil.
comfort ye
I die daily...
Lord have mercy! How can a Catholic Church allow such a sacrilege?!
Hugh N. Cry
It is why cathedrals burn.
Gluten free available?????
Is there NO end to these priests' creativity in abusing the Blessed Sacrament?
@pmfji The priests and bishops, I'd say 90 percent of all of them, don't believe in God. Not surprising since they gleefully shut down the Church for the first time in history over a cold.