Bishops Confidentially: Francis Has Not Inspired A Single Seminarian to Become a Priest

Covid-19 did less financial damage than expected, Francis Maier found after conducting 33 private interviews with bishops since December. Revenues declined in 2020 by 4-8%.

Maier spoke to 31 bishops from the US and 2 from other anglophone countries (, February 22).

The bishops expect a 25-40% permanent fall-off in Mass attendance, and have not noticed any uptick in people’s concern about the afterlife due to Covid-19.

Maier found that worrying about the negative spirit and potential damage of the Biden regime was “unanimous.”

All bishops expressed a "sincere fidelity" to Francis but “many” voiced frustration with his "ambiguous" comments and behaviour,

“When pressed, none of the bishops I queried could report a single diocesan seminarian inspired to pursue priestly life by the current pope.”

The greatest pain for the bishops is the number of young people exiting the Church.


Since he hasn't asked every Bishop in the Catholic Church, Mr. Maier's survey isn't comprehensive and this article title quite inaccurate.
Given how Francis so often wears an identical pectoral to the satanist Bernardin, we might have one in Rome.
Unlikely. Marxists and Marxist-sympathizers are more likely to be atheists than satanists.
Devils may not exist; but devil-worshippers exist.