John A Cassani
If anyone wonders why we should resist vernacular readings, with conference approved translations, this is it. The translators that have been working since the mid-twentieth century on any given translation are mired in critical theory and political correctness.
I wonder what weirdos they consulted. Francis is evidently distressed there are too many practicing Catholics in Ireland, so a dull as ditch water bible translation might help. No sense of reintroducing the Catholic Mass as a norm. Francis wants more agnostic Marxists like him. Thst picture is a typical lector putting people into a coma.
Every translation after V2 is suspect, but tops it. We need to return to how it was was, not carelessly and over frequently receiving Communion, restoring food screens which mostly vanished in the seventeenth century. No change, no innovations.
You keep posting that.
alfred dunn
What does it matter, there are no Catholics left in Ireland listen to the readings.