So bishops get away with allowing idolatrous and blasphemous prayers, whereas the traditional Roman Mass is made difficult or impossible for Catholics to attend.

To call this debased and perverted doesn’t begin to cover it. Is this what Bad Pope John meant by a “new Pentecost” ?
Why did this Argentine diocese think it acceptable to post a prayer to the demonic idol Pachamama? Could it be due to the events in the Vatican gardens in 2019?
Pagan goddesses are not in any way equivalent to the mother of Christ. Moar Latino fail from the usual suspects.
In due time, God will repay them in a way they don't expect. God will let many things slide but mocking His Mother is not one of them. They should be quaking.
The blasphemous “Prayer to Pachamama” equates Our Lady with Mother Earth.
Those that promote pachama are rigid and not true catholics
And the Argentinian Pope - will he also apologize for forcing the idolatry of Pachamama upon the Church of Christ?
Hugh N. Cry
Paganism and idolatry
He who justifies himself when he makes mistakes, transforms his heart into a demonic refuge and will continue to err, but even more so. If he does not crush his ego, he will be crushed by his egoism to no avail. ~St. Paisius of Athos