Roberto 55
I heard that masks are very useful when somebody put it on the butt and has a flatulence - it reduce smell into a very pleasant perfume-like odour, and the other people are protected against possible viruses, because they can escape as a byproducts with above mentioned activity....
Ivan Tomas
This is how satanic communists have worked in; STASI in East Germany, SECURITATE in Romania, KGB in Russia; UB in Poland, UDBA in socalled (ex)yugoslavia,...

The "Errors of Russia" are with each day more and more obviously visible in all western countries...
Sunamis 49
i wonder what happened to all those peoples when their lost their job after the wall came down in 1990?
Ivan Tomas
Many of them are still working/slaves of their very same master - lucifer.
Or are having children which are same as their parents.
Those calls themselves - antifa.
When NYC did this, they got mostly phallic images. Here's hoping the trend continues.
F M Shyanguya
@LionsOnTheBeach Interesting but not surprising. Pictures?
Haha, thankfully I have none
Deacon Waugh
I got $10 bucks that says they are all democratic states.
I'll cover your bet if you change "all" to "mostly". ;-) Every now and again, rah-rah right-wing America indulges itself in some serious totalitarianism.
Sunamis 49
they all work together behind closed doors,
the regular people