Vengeance: Francis Hurries to Retire Best Spanish Bishop

Francis accepted on September 21 the resignation of Alcalá de Henares Bishop Juan Antonio Reig Plá who turned 75 in July.

No successor was appointed. The diocese is vacant. Reig was Spain's best and most Catholic bishop. Gloria.tv recorded an interview with him in 2015 (English, Spanish).

During the Covid hysteria, he didn’t close his churches. Fanatical homosexualists pressed charges against him but lost lost in March.

Francis’ pattern consists in retiring good bishops and in keeping the corrupt ones.

One of the most extreme cases was the brilliant Brussels Archbishop André Léonard whom Francis refused to make cardinal and retired a few months after he turned 75.

Francis replaced him with De Kesel, a homosexualist and disciple of the homosexualist Danneels, Léonard's predecessor. De Kesel was immediately made a [third rate] cardinal and is kept in office despite turning 75 in June.


P. O'B
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