“Ratzinger Has Troubles Speaking”

Commenting after the Saturday meeting of the neo-cardinals with the former Benedict XVI, Neo-Cardinal Mario Grech told that "Ratzinger has difficulties in expressing himself."

According to Grech, Benedict said that "the Lord has taken away the speech from me to make me appreciate the silence."

Benedict encouraged the neo-cardinals to move forward in “the adventure with the Lord," Grech said.


No, Lalanz. Benedict retired of his own free will. He's said that repeatedly. People like you are always claiming Benedict is captive. Then he goes on a trip to see his brother and your kind claim the Vatican is trying to kick him out. Reality simply can't win against that kind of delusion.
Pray for the real pope, the Vatican has clearly been highjacked...
Who knows what kind of torments this man is going through. For all we know, Pope Benedict is being kept captive or kidnapped....
Pray for him
Maybe he was just speechless.