267. Be ourselves

In the Psalm, it is written:
“Who may go up the mountain of the Lord? Who can stand in his holy place? The clean of hand and pure of heart, who are not devoted to idols, who have not sworn falsely.” Psalm 24, verses 3 to 4

With this wise passage, we have a master idea to properly embark on the journey that leads to the Kingdom of God or more precisely, in the Heart of God.

We want to “go up the mountain of the Lord” and “stand in his holy place”. We want to enter the true Love, Love that God offers and receive it, simply by asking him.

“Climbing the Mountain” can make us think of some climbers who are struggling and sweating in a dangerous and high-risk environment. But with God, to go up the mountain means to become more ourselves, to welcome others more, to create bonds in order to transmit his Love.

This is “the pure of heart” mentioned in the text. The person who allows himself to be transformed by God becomes a freer person. This freedom makes it possible to climb into the Heart of God and to guide people well.
The passage ends with a recommendation. Men: “who are not devoted to idols.” Idols keep us away … far from God.

Let’s search in our life for what distances from God and we will find what idols we serve. They will become visible and may be dismantled by Jesus.

The new American Bible, 2011-2014
Book: Refusing sin, Normand Thomas