Joseph a' Christian

Defending Our Life Giving Church

@Ultraviolet You keep slandering me with ugly name calling, and then you have childish tantrums when i reply. Because my replies are not according to your childish demands.
I have been writing often, about the horrendous, destructive propaganda, that the massive media outlets have been spewing out 24/7, causing the mind numbing of numerous people. It is common knowledge that big media is overwhelmingly owned and influenced by Jews.
These Talmud Jews slandered my great Catholic Church incessantly, for years. They have inundated the minds of legions of people with repetitious lies, branding human minds to associate pedophilia with Catholic priests.
I have decided to defend my Holy, life giving Church, by persistently pointing out the evils of the extremely destructive Talmud Jew’s Media.
Remember a short time ago, the non stop media coverage over “Transgender Rights” and issues?
Remember the ongoing persecution of police officers?
Unending subversive propaganda, there’s always a false crisis. Therefore, Christians must be persistent also.
Muhammad is revolting, however his gang does not control the mass media of western nations.
One Christ, One Truth, One Faith, One Church.