No Saint! Cause of Beatification Stopped

Francis has stopped the cause of beatification of Father Daniele Badiali (+1997), Faenza Bishop Mario Toso announced.

Badiali was an Italian Fidei Donum priest in Peru. His jeep with which he was returning from Mass together with some volunteers was stopped by bandits eager to kidnap an Italian for a ransom.

The 35-year-old priest gave himself up to the kidnappers in place of a young woman, and was found dead two days later, shot in the head, probably because he had recognised the kidnappers.

Badiali was an avid guitar player who produced religious songs both in Italian and Spanish.

Faenza Diocese named him a Servant of God in March 2010, the first step for beatification. Now, the Vatican recognised "positive and praiseworthy elements” but concluded that Badiali’s exercise of the Christian virtues could not be defined as "heroic."

Picture: Daniele Badiali © wikicommons, CC BY-SA, #newsEmcsjdkafn

Hound of Heaven
Only V2 popes need apply.
John A Cassani
This case would seem to be a candidate for the new category of saint, who offers his life, without being a martyr. Heroic virtue is not required. Perhaps they have determined that he can’t be considered what we traditionally called a “Confessor,” for lack of heroic virtue. Of course, it may be better not to have too many canonized from this new category.
The likely politics in all V2 canonisations is fascinating. Pray for this priest.
Angelo Santelli
Who cares what Bergoglio's tripes say? I come to this websit and laugh at all the concern expressed over the RC's fall into non-existence while it is these very same concerners who are letting Bergoglio just go on and on with his filth.