Bye Abortion! Weird Vatican, Lying Biden, Crying Pelosi

The Pontifical Academy for Life – which Francis has turned into an abstract wishy-washy club – published a weird June 24 statement after the US …
Wilma Lopez
After Biden and Pelosi actions and statements, they should be excommunicated and if the Church hadn't rolled over to please the heathen world it would happen.
John A Cassani
Absolutely. This decision changes the “calculus” as to what Catholic politicians are obliged to, because abolition is now a possibility. Catholic politicians must support serious restrictions, up to the ideal of making abortion completely illegal.
Wilma Lopez
"I go to Mass before I go to Work" - Justice Clarence Thomas
"the issue of abortion continues to arouse heated debate"
It seems that for BDSM (Beatus Domus S. Marthae) it is the issue of the tissue, not the question of defense of God-given life.
Alex A
Paraphrasing Churchill; "It is not the end. But, it is the beginning of the end."
Oh, too bad, the three demons on the court no longer have legal baby slaughter to celebrate.
Clarence Thomas - PRICELESS!
Wilma Lopez