Distribution of Holy Communion: Did Cologne Cardinal Woelki Challenge Bishops Conference?

Cologne Cardinal Rainer Woelki, Germany, has "allowed" Communion on the tongue in the Old Latin Mass, Father Paul Spätling reports in a June 18 open letter.

Spätling doesn't know whether this concession is only for the Mass or also for the Novus Ordo Eucharists. He regrets that Woelki didn't make the announcement public.

Under the pretext of the coronavirus, the German bishops' conference forbad the [solely appropriate] reception of Communion on the tongue although it is much less likely to transmit bacteria and viruses, the coronavirus included, than the unsanitary Communion in the hand.

Picture: Rainer Maria Woelki, © Pressefoto Erzbistum Köln, CC BY-SA, #newsAhnpnajhfl

Novella Nurney
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