Normand Thomas

48. Beauty of God in the Bible

But, thanks to God, goodness shines, forevermore, in the Bible. And it’s in this goodness that the transparent Beauty of God is revealed.

The most extraordinary thing about the Bible is that humanity, with its weaknesses and sins, and God with his Love, live side by side.

God inspired writers to write the Bible. We repeat: God inspired writers to write the texts of the Bible.

The Bible could be considered as a one and only parable. What is of God and what is the misunderstanding of the human with respect to God?
It’s up to us to understand the enormous difference, the chasm (gap) that too often exists between us and God. No inhuman gesture, thought or word can be given to God.

The great drama of the Bible is that God wants to convert his people and bring him back to his Love, and his children inhumanly sin and cause harm, then move away from God, pretexting it’s his fault.

We will explore, with this reading guide, some texts of the Bible. We will discover how easy it is to think that God “allows” evil when he’s not responsible for it.

The new American Bible, 2011-2014
Book: Let’s reveal God, Normand Thomas