Philosopher Predicted “Execrable Tyranny” of “Hygienic Laws”

This text was written in September 1991 by the brilliant Argentinean philosopher Rubén Calderón Bouchet (+2012) who has close to the Society of Saint Pius X:

“If we were to limit human health to the unstable equilibrium of its physiological system and to try to solve all its difficulties in accordance with the canons of integral medicine, we would convert the social order into a code of hygienic laws of whose control none of our actions – which from that moment would be placed under medical supervision - would escape.

Let us who are approaching this dangerous scientific chimera not forget, that medicine covers some very reduced aspects of human life.

To put the complexity of human existence in its hands is to reduce the vital repertoire to minimal reactions and to give the State a power over ourselves which not even the most execrable tyranny was able to dream up.

Man is much more than his body, and if the mystery of his origin and destiny escapes the control of the positive sciences, we should not be believed that this mystery ceased to exist.”