Sister André Turned 116: “I Always Had a Weak Health”

Sister André Randon turned 116 on February 11 in Toulon, France.

She was born in Alès into a non-practicing Protestant family. Her best memory is when both of her brothers came back alive from World War I.

After First World War, she became a housekeeper in several families, also with the famous Peugeot family. Lucille, as she was called before she entered the convent, was baptised only at 26, and joined the Daughters of Charity at 41, after Second World War.

In 2018 she told French TV that she always had a weak health and failed to die three times. The secret of her longevity she explains like this,

"The good Lord doesn't want me. He always wants me to perfect myself, but I think I'm doing it backwards. So, he refuses me." and 9 more users link to this post
Looks like a man dressed as a nun, no way 116 years old. Please!
Thors Catholic Hammer
A remarkable woman.
Let us all pray that she shredded the antipopes message.