Francis Wanted To Dissuade Anglican Bishop From Converting

Francis made efforts to dissuade Anglican Lay-Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali, 72, from converting to Catholicism, claims’ Jules Gomes.

Gomes quotes an anonymous Anglican cleric from Argentina saying that “first, Nazir-Ali isn't the kind of convert we are looking for under the Francis pontificate; second, such a high-profile conversion is a setback to ecumenism; third, Francis seems to have always indicated he believes in the validity of Anglican orders" (as Francis is known for his heterodoxy).

Nazir-Ali, a father of two sons, converted on September 29 and will be ordained a priest on October 30 by the anti-Catholic Westminster Cardinal Vincent Nichols.


Can anyone not realize we are in the "Post-Christian" or "Anti-Christ" era, as Pope Francis continues to participate with non-Christian religious & world leaders in creating a secular "utopia on Earth" rather than being concerned with saving souls in preparation for the supernatural afterlife.
One religion is just as good as any other in Pope Francis' mind.
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Damian Thompson on this story, "I had heard this independently. No difficulty believing it."
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Welcome home! The Rt. Rev. Michael Nazir-Ali, the former bishop of Rochester, England, has joined the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham
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Lay-Bishop ? There is no such thing in Asia.
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Anglicans are no bishops but lay-men. Leo XIII decreed that all "ordinations" in the Anglican Church are null and void. Like Protestants.
"Nazir-Ali isn't the kind of convert we are looking for under the Francis pontificate" -raising the question what kind of convert is? -what a damning indictment of the Francis pontificate that any sincere convert to The Church should be discouraged.
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Since it appears Francis has abandoned the teachings, I can see how he may have actively worked to prevent others from jumping into a boat he planned to set aflame.
Damian Thompson: "Truly shocking claim, which I believe to be true, that Pope Francis didn’t want Dr Nazir-Ali to convert."