Normand Thomas

43. The Fruits of the Spirit

Let’s observe the fruits of the Holy Spirit in the persons, which will unfold in goodness, truthfulness, in reality. If the person's words bear fruit and they are in the will of God, they’ll lead to peace, joy, life, to all the gifts and charisms of the Holy Spirit, we can then follow what they live internally and be inspired by them.

If not, let’s be careful with all the teachings that are given in the world. No need to deny and banish them, but let’s separate the speeches that lead us to God from the ones that can separate us from him.

And why not internally compare the teachings we hear, not to discredit it at once, but to help us understand and refocus on Jesus. Let’s ask Jesus to enlighten what’s good in what we receive as teachings.

The same is true for gestures. Let’s observe if the gestures of people lead to charity or not. As we listen and observe the others, we can achieve the same study on our ability to want to live and transmit values and if we live it well.

Let’s ask Jesus to help us discern between what is from God and his Holy Spirit of what divides, separates us from him. People we meet may have good intentions, but the path they have chosen may lead away from God, then we are set astray with them. Let’s be aware and careful.

The new American Bible, 2011-2014
Book: A path to conversion, Normand Thomas