Cardinal Müller: Humanity Heading For Collective Suicide

There is a great danger that could lead to the "collective suicide" of humanity, Cardinal Müller told the World Congress of Families in Mexico on 30 September.

"Christianity promotes a civilisation of life and challenges the culture of anthropological nihilism, which must end in the collective suicide of humanity," Müller said, "Atheism is nihilism, its fruit is death."

He noted that gender ideology makes a false distinction between biological sex and gender, which is misrepresented as a "socio-cultural construct".

"Apart from the biologically proven fact that gender reassignment is not possible, the fiction of free choice of gender is a denial of God's will for our person." The human being exists in his physical nature either in male or female expression, Müller explained the obvious.

Picture: Gerhard Ludwig Müller © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsRgxpiuvgxm

John A Cassani
This is all fine, but I really wish that he would come out strongly against the “Laudato si” agenda. That has the power to destroy everyone, whether they buy into it or not. I’m not downplaying the way young people are being destroyed by “gender ideology,” but there are more pressing concerns.