President of Polish Bishops: Kasper’s Critique Against Cardinal Müller “Unjust”

Poznań Archbishop Stanisław Gądecki, the President of the Polish Bishops’ Conference, qualified Cardinal Müller's Faith Manifesto before EWTN Poland as “very positive”:

"Cardinal Müller has a clear head. He's not looking for novelties. That is why his creed is so simple. He presents basic theses that a believer can accept with simplicity."

With the publication of his manifesto, Müller had no other motives than the defense of the pure doctrine of faith, Gądecki explained.

At the same time, Gądecki called Cardinal Walter Kasper's criticism of the manifesto "unjust". He noticed that Kasper's comments were already a "source of confusion" during the family Synod and that he is still trying to undermine Cardinal Müller's authority.

Picture: Stanisław Gądecki, © Mazur/, CC BY-SA, #newsAegvarsmsz

Kasper is not just "a" source of confusion he is "the" source of confusion.
Thank you for speaking up.