Archbishop: Old Rite "Touches My Heart In a Way the Novus Ordo NEVER Did Nor Could"

Archbishop Thomas Gullickson, the former Nuncio in Switzerland, moved into his retirement home in Sioux Falls on January 3.

When he is not serving in St. Mary's parish in Salem or elsewhere, he celebrates the Old Latin Mass.

In a March 23 post, he encouraged bishops to take on the public celebration of the Old Rite, either as Pontifical High Mass or as a Missa Praelatitia, “There is nothing like this experience of being carried by the Church in the person of its ministers,” he witnesses.

Gullickson attests that celebrating the Low Mass "has me positively enthralled" and "draws me in." It not only commands his attention and concentration, Gullickson witnesses, "but it touches my heart in a way the Novus Ordo never did or could."

The archbishop sees a bright future because "the Lord has convinced me that we won't need another generation to be able to see and rejoice in the Church's consolation through the restoration of the Sacred Liturgy in all its glory."